Easter stripes

Bright for Easter. I prefer vertical stripes for they make nails look long. Here over First Kiss Enamel Art 1000 2-way striper in purple and Claire's bright green which I wore on darker days - see the pics . It is so bright it reflects the light back!

Here's a chick to go with it.

Bright yellow painted with Enamel Art 1000, outlined with black. I am so not good in drawing animals - but the goofier they come out kind of cuter they are. Got to embrace one's inner child once in a while, so why not on Easter (and Christmas, and Valentine's day...) :)

I'm going to stare at them for a while as is and then maybe dots, maybe glitter? It needs more pattern... and I have time to play... I'll get back to this.

Until then, have a Happy Easter :)


  1. This is GORGEOUS! and your chick is just adorable!!!!

    I may have to steal this idea for a mani!

  2. Adorable. :) Love it.
    Just wanted to say I'm following. I'm your 200th. :)
    Have a great day,


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