Sunshine on my finger tips

Not much light today - but this manicure doesn't need sun to shine. These are green and yellow from Claire's pastels .

I saw this way of painting nails yesterday on Emerald Sparkled Louboutin nails , she made gorgeous red on black design. Click if you haven't seen them already! Thought I'd give it a go with this green for real lime nails...

See, the green is really mean on its own - really great neon but maybe too much contrast against the white snow right now...

And I like the way these colors go together. Not just the shades, but the consistency too. The first coat was very hard to get even - and I just tried to cover the nail as much as I could, to not leave bald spots. But the second coat of green went on like a dream. Then to add yellow it was like any other polish, no pain. Not the best quality of polish but for 2 layers really good.

I wonder if they sit on the nail better if there's Claire's own base coat? If anyone has any experience, please let me know too.

Happy days!


  1. That is very cute, I love the colors!

  2. It's such an original design! These Claire's pastels are so pretty :-)

  3. I like it very much!
    Looks good with all colors!

  4. Gorgeous! I'll try it myself.


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