Sinful Colors Deep Red Ocean layered over red

After having a really busy week I'm in a real need of color therapy. So let's bring on the bling!!!

I grabbed this polish last week from Seppälä and haven't let it off my hands since... It's Deep Red Ocean by Sinful Colors.

I didn't take it off even for work. It's not the most neutral look to wear... but it looks like lava, so it's a natural look in some sense LOL

It doesn't look this red on it's own, of course. I layered it with #120 by Golden Rose holographic polish. Not as much holo dimension as I hoped it to have - in a matter of fact the holoness makes it look uneven in the pics when it actually is quite smooth. But a great shade to wear under this one colorwise.

1 coat of Orly Bonder
1 coat of Golden Rose #120
2 coats of Sinful Colors Deep Red Ocean

I also bought Blue Ocean in hopes to have a blue flakie... but it's a fakey... I never really realised until now, that DEEP Oceans seem to be the one's with flakes, and just plain Oceans are plain glitters. Was it obvious to you?

So now I have glittery Orange Ocean and Blue Ocean and just one DEEP Ocean which I'm wearing now. I feel deeply dissapointed. I don't even think they sell other DEEP Oceans around here.

EDIT. Seems I just have bad luck with them not getting flakes with the polish. There should be both glitter and flakes on each, deeps and non-deeps.

I'll come back to the blue one another time. You can click the pics bigger.

Nevertheless I'm deeply in love with this one. Great for layering, just amazing. It even got off really neatly, being build on Orly's Bonder.

For the rest of the week I wore it over something else... I'll post the pics of this current manicure when I get my camera back! It's currently out of town with my hubby, with the pics inside.
So see you a bit later this weekend :)


  1. This one looks good ! The blue seems to have a nice shade, too :)

  2. Very interesting! I have Blue Ocean too, and it has both flakes and glitter. I had to check all my Sinful Oceans, and all of them are the same way, with flakes and glitter. 2 of them are Deep Oceans and 4 just plain Oceans. Maybe they are from different lots? Your nails looks soo good :-)

  3. Thank you!

    @Amabile: Then I must have really bad luck with my non-deep Sinfuls, thanks for letting me know! Did you order/buy them abroad or from Finland? I can imagine it's hard to pour the flakies in the bottles so that there are equal amount of flakes/glitter on each but it's so dissapointing to end up with a bottle which is mostly clear, slightly tinted polish... But then again, they don't promise the flakes on any bottle so it's a buyer's choice to pick up the right one I guess.

  4. Heips, I ordered mine from Cherry Culture. I haven't seen Oceans in my nearest Seppälä at all :-(

  5. The only Ocean I can find is Green


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