Packed with ice

I've been wanting to do a sort of "ice princess" manicure for a long time. This Claire's lavenderish color seemed to be just a perfect base for it!

Talking about the inspiration, don't have to reach far from the window. Really feels we're living in a gingerbread house with whipped cream topping (click bigger, looks cool) :

It was adviced last month to clear the roofs from the snow but I'm sure it will come down by itself. Won't let hubby to climb up on the roof, too many have died of it already. Last week 3 men fell down fatally if I recall correctly!

Snow and ice are on international news too as the ferry traffic is hindered by thick ice on Baltic Sea.

But on to more relaxing stuff, that's why we're here right? :)

Products I used over Claire's polish:

Nail Star
2-way-nail art pen in pearlescent light pink sponged on the tips.

Then Wet'n'Wild glitter sprinkled over it.

Lined the area with Migi nail art pen in pearl.

To bring in some spring, pink dots on the ring finger + Selene heart polish lined with Migi.

This was the first time I used heart polish by Selene on a design. I wanted to secure it with nail art lining since it didn't quite curve the way the nail does. The lining also added some dimension to it which was nice concidering the other nails reflected light too.

I really love this candy-like glitter! It is the same glitter I used on Ice Cream nails back in the summer and on many other manis. They can all be found under "glitter" tag on the right sidebar. Wish I was bold enough to use it even more...

Have a beautiful weekend, stay safe from the snow :)


  1. Thank you :) This glitter is so cute - and there's so much of it in the jar I doubt it will ever get empty LOL

    Welcome, new readers!

  2. such a cute idea, great mani!

  3. thats really cool - i will try the icicle technique in the future


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