CG Grape Pop

It's about a time I wear Grape Pop too! I still had this and 2 metallic China Glazes to try (leave them for later still).

This is very concentrated color. It seems dark and intense indoors, nearly black when in shade.

Intense. See even my baby go "oooh". Kiss!

I have a feeling this will be a crowd favorite when I get some friends over to paint their nails!

Application-wise this was quite thick but workable. Had to be careful around the cuticles. Also this took a while to dry and I actually got sheet marks for applying 2 coats too fast :/ Top coat saved a bit in the morning.

This time I am wearing top coat on the pics. But the original finish is really shiny too.

The color makes my hands look white but I don't mind. Wearing dark nails and jeans makes me feel cozy and comfortable ^^


  1. hello! i tagged you for an award ... :)


    x mariana

  2. Gorgeous polish on gorgeous nails. Nothing else to add here.

  3. Olá!

    Gostei muito do teu blog.

    Visita o meu e segue-me!



  4. Gorgeous color, I love it !

  5. i love your first picture, so cute!! grape pop is a great color!


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