Lumiere sale 30% off !

Lumiere Skin & Beauty Bar is having a Spring Sale! Of ALL the instock items! And the minimum spending amount is only $5.

I love Lumiere's Flawless Face mineral foundation as I've mentioned before. I've tried and used many brands and Lumiere has been in my top 2 from the day I tried it.

I also collect the eye pigments (even though I rarely do my eyes). The little jars are so gorgeous to look at and play with and organize... color therapy without polish fumes lol

Now they also have pressed eye colors for easier application. I prefer the loose ones though since they can be used for franken polishes too. I'll swatch you the pigments I have when we get the sun back to this North corner of Europe. I want to show them in their true glory :)

This time I plan to order some Lumi Lips. The shade I used to have seems to be gone now but I was thinking of going for "Trio Lumi Lips set" which is listed under "Specials". I liked the light non-sticky feeling of these glosses the last time I used them. Now I'll just have to come up with the shades to order. I'm also excited to try "Ditto-O" cheek color which is said to be similar to a classic Orgasm by Nars.

Disclaimer: I'm just a regular customer and have no further affiliation with this nor any other company I blog about. I blog about products I try and use and that's it. To date I've never received any compensation of writing about products. If I'm pleased with a product I like to share my enthusiasm, as simple as that :)

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