Italian Love Affair by OPI

Pure love with this polish! I was afraid Italian Love Affair might look too light on me or somehow lean to orange... but I'm easily deceived by the bottles. I'm forever thankful to OPI that the name was so appealing. Italy has a special meaning to me - so I took a chance and ordered this color!

I'm still not experienced enough on nail polishes that I could accurately label this polish. To me it has pearl finish? It certainly makes nails look like fine pearls. It's really a doll shade. Not too cheesy, just perfect to my taste. And it applies so well! Nice even strokes, 3 times each nail, with just 2 coats.

And we got enough real light so I could capture the true colors :)

Here above ^ I'm turning my back on the Sun (however low it climbed on the sky today...). In the first pic ^^ I'm facing the Sun.

Here above ^ a pic with a bit of shade coming there.

I love the natural light so much. Last week when I got home from work I got to see the sunset on the way. Before the holidays it was always dark when I got to work and got home from work - and I do work regular hours (mostly).

From here on it gets more beautiful every day with the Sun sparkling on snow :)


  1. Oh, God, your nails are so gorgeous! And this color is really nice too. Looks very romantic.

  2. Wow I need to come back to this lovely Color for Valentine's day :-)

  3. That's a beautiful shade of pink on you. It's not to sweet a pink. I love it on your gorgeous nails.

  4. Gorgeous nails. The color looks great on you!

  5. Thank you all :) You'll be seeing this again... and again... I think this one doesn't even get place on nail polish shelf - it's right here on my desk, next to the cuticle oil, ready-to-wear LOL

  6. Really a great post and all blog. love poolish too
    Let's follow each other? (let me know)

    Małgo from


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