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I've been asked about products I use so I put up this sort of FAQ of the polish/nail care stuff. Polishing is a work in progress so my FAQ needs updating from time to time. This is where I'm at now in January 2010 with this "hobby" :)

Favorite basecoat:
Kiss Base Coat. It makes the nails look instantly better + holds the polish well. I am looking for an alternative for this since the product has changed and there are no more bottles of this left on the shelves (or on eBay for that matter).

Favorite topcoat:
Don't know about this... Tried many bad ones... I like Poshe for now but will be trying something else next. Maybe I'll give in to Seche Vite.

Favorite Nail file:
I file with 3-way buffer, gentle enough for me.

Favorite polish (for length of wear):
They all seem to hold up quite well with good care. But glitter stays on best and I love silver. So I choose Kiss Nail-Art Paint.

Polish that chips fastest:
All the smelly stuff tends to wear off quicker (unless there's adhering glitter particles).
Also my Russian Navy Suede by OPI was really a 1-day-mani (luckily easy to mend with a few new strokes the next day, seamless).

Favorite polish (for application):
For a quick posh look I opt for China Glaze OMG.
Never fails to apply smoothly - and looks stunning "in a flash" ;)

Favorite polish (for color range):
Miami by Mavala for being so pink and so cool.

Favorite drugstore polish:
Non-cosmeticstore polish that is? Wild and Crazy.

Favorite polish type (creme, shimmer, frost, holo):
Anything goes, preferably layered :D

Favorite remover type (acetone, non-acetone, moisturizing):
Acetone works fast so I use it the most.
But for darker polishes I like to use moisturizing remover-wipes; the polish won't smudge the cuticles (and the remover won't harm the skin as it would with acetone).

Favorite polish e-tailer:
No special one. I often opt for eBay.

Favorite hand cream:
Shea Oil at the moment. Very nourishing!

Favorite cuticle cream/butter:
The same as for the hands, Shea Oil.

Favorite cuticle remover:
Don't use any.

Favorite nail treatment:
Sweet almond oil on hands during sauna, magical!

Favorite nail blog/site:
Mine of course (with links to other blogs or YouTube vids for the best manis etc. ;)

Favorite color family (vamps, pinks, red/orange, blue/black/green/purple, sheer/nude, brights (yellows, neons):
Pinks without a doubt. But as I've stated before: I love all colors but not all at once, enjoy the harmony and also some shock effect by combining certain colors.

Favorite polish of all time (brand & color):
Mavala's Miami is sweet, pink and tiny. I see myself in it LOL

Color you wear the most:
Depends on the season. Overall it might be white (in designs).

How often do you change your polish?
1-2 times / week

How many polishes do you own?
I'll have to count them. Promise to do it by the end of the month.

Survey from Longhaircareforum.com

Plus a confession...
Your most freakish feature being a polish fanatic:
I usually by nail colors in 3's. That's a habit I'm trying to shake off. Last time I went to the store I spent far too long selecting the shades I'd buy. I kept on searching for the 3rd one to take to the counter and it became a bit frustrating. I had to remind myself that I can buy just 2 of them too!

If you wanted to update your FAQ's too I'd love to read them. Or just confess (the last question) - you can do it on the comments as well :)

I'll be back with pics of my current mani tomorrow. Been working long hours and seen no daylight for a long time... Tomorrow I'll be home before the dark :)

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