Christmas nail designs - everyday !

Yippee, I got the nail wheels right on time!

Since the beginning of this blog I've thought about making kind of an advent calendar of nail art: uploading differend nail design every day until X-mas - at least 24 designs :)

For the first time I bought fake nails to try out new looks. As you know I don't do my nails every day (roughly once every 5 days or so) and I think that's one of the main things keeping my nails long and strong. With these wheels I can compare colors and show the looks side by side without having to remove the polish from my tips.

I also bought these round rhinestones in pretty colors. Until today I've only had silver ones. All this stuff is ordered through eBay, delivered from Hong Kong.

It's going to be so much fun! New design in my blog every day, starting from the day 1. (No poem intended).

Thanks for visiting, check back soon !


Black & silver - matte & glitter

Dark day again - but luckily in this case it doesn't alter the look that much. First black and shimmer and then silver x to define the tip.

I initially planned to make white leopard spots on the sides, like a black version of the leopard nails I made with pink. But when setting is dark (indoors as well as out) no-one would notice the small details anyway. So I opted for a simple black and silver to accessorize my black-and-silver party outfit.

The black is mattified with Orly Matte Top coat. The sides are defined with Wild and Crazy #w136 Ticklish toes, with delicate silver & green shimmer. It is more glam in person. Click to view larger.

Have a relaxing Sunday !

Updates - winter edition

Time to update to a winter edition :) You may have noticed I renewed the layout last week. I updated my blogroll recently too and there are still some adjustments to make. I feel at home in this new layout, what about you?

In the process I also changed the title of the blog to * Doo polishing * . When I started the blog it was my plan to keep track on my diets and excercise here. But it's much more visually interesting to keep the main target in nail polishes and colors. Especially these dark days. So as my main subject is nail polish it seemed appropriate to stick to that in the banner also.

The address has always been the same so you don't have to change anything on your subscription list. The title might or might not have been changed on your subscription list by Blogger by now - or the new name may pop up later.

I hope you enjoy the changes!


Vaihdoin blogin talviturkkiin viime viikon aikana ja muitakin muutoksia tuli säädettyä.

Mm. blogin otsikon vaihdoin kuvaavampaan, mutta osoite ynnä muu pysyy samana. Ainoa lukijoihin suoraan vaikuttava muutos on Blogilistan päivitys. Jotta sain kaikki muutokset tehtyä, niin blogi piti listata uudelleen. Blogilistan tilauksen voit lisätä täällä .

Toivon että muutokset ovat mieluisia :)


Up-do for the weekend

Here's a cute hair tutorial I fell in love with on YouTube. I actually managed to make it look nice on me yesterday for the night out. Though I had to make the braid slimmer to avoid too big "rose", since my hair is quite long.

I didn't have a camera with me last night - but it won't be the last time I wear my hair like that so maybe I'll get pics some time later :)

Video by binosusume , check her channel out for more beautiful hair tutorials.

I hope the sun peaks through the clouds tomorrow so there's a good light for photographing. I have my party nails to show to you (black and silver)!

Enjoy the weekend !


French manicure with vines

Swirls on nails have caught my eye recently. Pretty for the Holidays I find. So I decided to grab my Konad's and M56 to stamp me some vines. Did not work at all! I don't even have photos of the mess I made with black and I didn't like it as dark at all. I just can't seem to get it on with Konads...

So I wiped it all off and started painting free-handed. Subtle enough for my taste. And it didn't take as much time as one might think.

The base color is Violette by Mavala and the white is by MissMe. I went over it with Mist You by Sally Hansen Salon Nail Lacquer. The latter was included in the Elfster gift exchange. Still having fun with the new polishes Natalie, thank you !!!

I always enjoy the looks that seem to be something else from a distance or from another angle. This one looks a bit like lace from further away I think. And from much further it looks like a basic french tip which is nice also.

If you'd like to see more glammed up swirls on tips I can recommend you a beautiful, more defined design by Madamluck : click to view the video in YouTube

Thank you for stopping by !


Nail Art Contest : Cities of the World

I'm being a messenger here as I find the theme "Cities of the World" so interesting and I'd love to see many entries on this. Inko86 is hosting the contest on YouTube until 11th of December:

If you don't want to make a nail art video, you can enter the comment section. Then (after subscribing if you aren't already subscribed to Inko86's channel) you comment on videos on her playlist: http://www.youtube.com/user/Inko86#p/p

The prize video is on her channel too. Gorgeous nail art items from Fimo fruit slices to beads and rhinestones.

I'm yet to learn how to use the video editing software on this PC... but the theme is exciting enough to motivate me trying :D


Royal Opal

I wanted to try coral over Blush Charm to test how the color "warms up". Here is Sally Hansen's Fire Opal Nail Glaze in the shade #16 Royal Opal.

I thought I'd paint the tip entirely with another color and made the guidelines with black - but then I liked the black lines too much to fill them up thoroughly! I made two strokes with Sally Hansen's #09 Goldspun Opal to the tips but it doesn't show up much and maybe it's even better that way. These both polishes were in the Elfster gift package I received.

Quick and simple look but I like it :)

Have a great weekend !


Accessorize (featured artist)

I have a slideshow for you tonight. After seeing the first two bags I had made up my mind to contact LadyAnglersGlamStyle about how to get me one!

Aren't they beautiful?

I promise to show off my set in the blog as soon as I get it :)

Tomorrow I'll grab a camera and shoot some pink polish... How I miss summer and sun! See how bright it was back then, me with Angel #147 by La Femme Beauty and frosted tips:

Have a great Friday!


Blush Charm - perfect pink

Hi you all! The biggest break I've had since the start of the blog. I'm sorry about that. It's been busy, then I got sick and high fever, then of course more busy for being away from work and behind on all the chores... But no real show offs on my nails either during this time. Until now :)

I got a package from a very generous Elf who really nailed my taste! I probably shouldn't have opened it before December? But couldn't wait! And it really pushed my week to the positive side! Pink it was :)

I wish I could show you this love-at-first sight color I'm sporting as it is but it's already late and day has set. I couldn't wait to get it on. For me it's my first Sally Hansen (with others on the package). The color Blush Charm by Sally Hansen (Maximum Growth Plus - Nourishing nail color) shoots up to my top 5, maybe even to the top 3 :D

I've drooled over Mecca Cosmetica's Celia ever since I saw it on You've got nail . Now I think this one is a very close match to it. Here is JacieO's comparison pic of Celia and Skin Food's Pink Milk: click to the post . Blush Charm definitely looks like Celia indoors and then more like Pink Milk when there's more sufficient lighting.

Blush Charm is richer pink than my frankens, for example the Barbie - really a dream come true! I didn't write it on a wishlist but my Elf has obviously been very observant! Huge thanks to her for making me smile from ear to ear. Is it ok to name her in the blog when it's an anonymous exchange?

I'll be back on the weekend with daylight and more complementing pics of Blush Charm.

Edited to add: pedi pic of Blush Charm


Snow and Orange Ocean

Snow, we got snow! Right on time for the weekend. There's +1 degrees of Celsius, ideal weather to roll a snowman. I get to play with my polishes... and it's glitter for the days off work :)

Yesterday I noticed that my favorite store to buy polishes from called Seppälä now sells Sinful Colors! I've never seen them around here before. They are pricier than what they'd be if I ordered them form the US but I had to buy one. So I chose #85 Orange Ocean.

I'm glad it was as sheer as I wanted to try it on right away and layered it on the Vintage. As you know I love Vintage and this didn't take away it's charm - it spiced it up, brought it to date, weekend look is done :)

Have fun for weekend!


Rimmel Vintage

Here's my polish for the rest of the week, with two coats.

The color is #303 Vintage by Rimmel Wear Maxx. It reminds me of Yucatan If You Want by O.P.I. judging by the pics I've seen of it. Would be nice to see them side by side. I bought this Rimmel from a clearance sale last spring and the last time I checked there were still some bottles left on some stores. I really like this shade, in all accessories. Most of my lip glosses resemble this too. I used to have a bag in the very same shade, loyal companion for years until I loaded it with too many books and the handles broke... But I still have a wallet that is almost a match for this.

I tried to capture the true color indoors and these are quite accurate on my screen.

Here you can see slight shimmer to it. I'd almost call it golden shimmer but it's too small to tell really.

The thing about Rimmel is that it seems to be better when it gets old. The ones I've bought from clearance are creamier and seem to be better pigmented than the ones that are "fresh". Many polishes turn too thick but for this one the aging is a definite improvement. Maybe they should change the additional title from "Wear Maxx" to "Vintage" in all the polishes LOL

I'll be soon back dotting for the weekend,
thanks for stopping by :)


Fake fake-nails - True Camisole by Revlon

First I want to apologize for the crappy pic, taken in the moving car right before the sun came down. In a way it really captures the essence of my busy week LOL

I began the week with a subtle look again. Just started at my new job and wanted to keep a low profile to learn the quiet dress codes. This polish is True Camisole Sheer 02 by Revlon Colorstay which I recently found from my suitcase with it's clear top coat. They'd been sitting there for at least 20 months! These Revlon Colorstays used to be my loyal travel companions as the look really stayed on well. I didn't have to pack any nail polish remover with me to change up the manicures. Just a few touch ups with this color if needed + top coat and it looked like new again.

I can't say I missed them all that much since at home I do prefer more vibrant colors. And I've also learned ways to extend the wear of the nail art manicures too so I don't necessarily need a "safe option" for travelling. But right now I couldn't have found more suiting color for my nails. Yay for the pockets, bags and old suitcases that surprise us when we really need it :)

No top coat in this pic and it really shows - wearing it for 3 days and it became all matte. To me the look is closest to fake nails as can be!

Now I'm between manicures but I'll post pics when I change into something more doolish :)

In the meantime I think it was my turn to bake? Having seen so many delicious brownies and cakes on the blogs in the past weeks here's my shot :

Chocolate muffins with a hidden piece of chocolate.
The recipe in Finnish on Kinuskikissa's blog. Nothing too fancy but really gooood. Enjoy :)