One stroke for Halloween! (tutorial)

This is the final Halloween nail art I'll make. Couldn't make full manicure as I'll have some business on the weekend and I don't want to scare anyone. After all we don't really celebrate Halloween here, instead we visit the passed relatives on the grave yard and burn candles on Saturday.

But I still wanted to use shades of orange before surrending to the winter manicures and more subtle looks again. And I've yet to take on a pumpkin :)

I used "one stroke method" with a fan brush and acrylic paints for this one. For the first time, I might add. Then lined the pumpkin and added some yellow in it to accentuate the shape a bit and glittered top coat.

"One stroke" means putting all the colors you use side by side on a piece of card board or something, and then dipping the brush simultaneously over all the colors you use. Then just paint on. If you make many strokes and move the brush a little after every stroke the shifting of the shades will be smooth.

With a steady hand you can have dimension to your design. This video was the first one I learned about one stroke method: One Stroke in Blau by Fashion4Nails .

On bigger surface, like decorating boxes or vases, you can make swirls with the brush to make very realistic looking flowers and leaves. As in this video by onestrokeitalia:

Treat yourself good this Halloween :)


Burn for the thighs in 8 mins

This is one great workout routine to really feel the effectiveness. The best part is, no matter how hard it burns the thighs and bun while doing it, you get hungry for more exercise. Soon the 8 minutes start to feel like a warm-up and abs start to call for an attention too. So why not throw in some Callanetics moves... I end up stretching and feeling thoroughly relaxed after half an hour. Here's the coach with 8 minute workout:

Even those days when tummy doesn't behave at least the butt stays in shape :D


Water marbling - Hello Kitty!

Ok, I went for it! Water marbling with white nail polish over the Barbie franken . I am very, very happy with how the patterns came up and the smooth shift of colors in this look. Overall it reminded me of Hello Kitty, so I drew in one for my ring finger. The upper pic is taken outdoors.

The next pic is indoors and the coralness of the polish is more visible here.

Little sis, when you come to town next time can I do some marbling on you? :)

The thumb too came out nicely. I first thought I didn't like it how the white dominates in the thumb...

but now I kind of like it how it balances out the look. After all it is the widest nail so it's only natural there's wider pattern on it too.

Few notes on water marbling, from a beginners point of view

  • Choose a polish you like. Trying to use up the uglier polishes in marbling doesn't work wonders. The simplest way to get to the groove is to use white over a painted nail.
  • Differend polishes act differently to the temperature of the water. This one, white by MissMe is the cheapest one there is and it dried quite fast in luke warm water. Good when using just one color but if I were to use more colors it would've dried before I got my nail in to it.
  • As a beginner choose a light shade. Much easier to clean off the skin.
  • Do have a good moisturizer at hand. Even when careful and using tapes around the finger there will be stains and you will need to use nail polish remover on your skin.

Thanks for stopping by :)


Franken called Barbie

Here is my most playful shade of polish. Hence I call it Barbie. She is very deceiving as in the bottle the color seems almost nude pink and in pics she presents herself as sophisticated pink (click to view more clearly).

In real life the color is leaning more towards coral. So as usual, photos wash off some intensity of the polish. It's almost neon like in it's presence and opaque in 2 coats.

I can't be certain of what I used for this polish as it was way back in spring I whipped it up... The base is #296 Sweet Heart by Rimmel (Wear Maxx), very sheer shimmery pink. Adding white made it more opaque but I guess I added a bit red too to keep the pink in it.

I planned to take on water marbling over it. But I like the perkiness of it, I think I'll stick to this plain look for a while :)

Have a great start for your week!

Featured artists 10: YouTube scoop

I've usually posted my featured artist at Fridays but this last time let it be Monday. Watching slideshows and nail art tutorials on YouTube is more inspiring for me than reading fashion news and beauty tips of "real artists". To sum up my favorites in 10 posts would be next to impossible. So for this final part of the featured artists, I decided to embed my playlist of inspirational slideshows.

The playlist consists of roughly 50 slideshows of differend nail looks, from free-hand nail art to Konad stamping and interesting color combos.

All together hundreds of nail looks by tens of YouTubers:

Hope you like it too!

Remember that you can view the additional info of the videos by clicking the YouTube logo. You can add your subscription to any of these featured channels if you have an account. Having a YouTube account is great for storing these (and other) videos on your very own playlists or under your "favorites" file - even if you never film or publish your own videos.


Front Row Diva got dotted

Front Row Diva by Color Club is one of my favorite subtle shades. It doesn't scream attention like the name would suggest and I adore it. The pearl finish makes me feel very lady-like :)

This time I put some edge to it with random dots (black by Kiss).

I thought about making some bows on too but then decided to leave them be. Don't want to cover this gorgeous shade too much.

I might have to adjust to this kind of subtle shades now as I start at my new job next month. There are no dresscodes or polices for polishes - but I think it's best to leave the glitter for parties anyway, as a new girl... And no more pyjama parties with kids in the middle of the afternoon. I'm quite excited about getting into work life. My hubby will stay home with the kids so the babies will be in the most caring hands :)

Have a lovely weekend!


Baby's gone wild

When I started this blog I intended it to be just about me, me and my. Well, there's some disturbing issue about not me I want to share with you today with these pretty pictures. As I sat down with my baby tonight to read a toy catalog, there was this one spread that left me speechless. Now we are talking about real catalog with price tags, no plot.

I was aware that Baby Born, even though she doesn't yet walk, has started riding a horse (a unicorn it seems as in past years' catalogs). Now she owns this pretty pink scooter. Look, oooh, my favorite shade! Here in Finland you get a license to drive a moped scooter when you are 15. This speeding Baby Born troubles me. But she's wearing a helmet anyway so she sets a good example in some way, right? And she's kind of cute. Like a fashion icon now on her pink scooter with her golden strapped sandals. Cute.

Seems like there's someone else who thinks she's cute. Look at that little guy. Now this was a newsflash for me: Baby Born has a boy friend?

A fiancé it seems!!! This was a bit too much for me. I'm not sure I find this cute anymore... I mean, they really can't walk "yet", and they have to wear diapers (well they do have this magical potty that plays music when they pee in it, too), and they drink from a bottle. Are we still talking about babies here?

And look, they even thought about marital conflicts! You can now buy a spare bed/couch for the one who has to sleep in the guest room instead of his sweet cradle.

I'm curious as how you find these pictures and this (new?) concept of babies entering in adulthood? Am I old and out when I can't seem to wrap my head around this?

FIN: Suomeksikin saa kommentoida mielellään. Jos tahdotte suomenkieltä lisää, niin huikatkaa.


Twisted french in pink

Softer pink nail look again. This time for Breast Cancer Awareness.

I used my pink "O.P.I.-franken" and shimmery white 265 by LCN for the tip, lined with pearl white nail art pen by Enamel Art 1000 and the base is by Missme. Much of the same set as in the rainbow nails last month.

The inspiration for this french tip design came from watching a YouTube video. It is curved and reminds me of a ribbon - and seems to be perfect for the length I have right now. The inspirational slideshow by MegaKiby:

I have a playlist called "French tips with a twist" where I collect beautiful french and "kinda french" nail art designs by many YouTubers, for inspiration:

Note: The titles of the videos are mentioned in the window and you can scroll them through. To view it full-size, you can click the YouTube logo on the down right corner. Then you'll also see the sidebar and subscription buttons. If you like the designs, please support their channels :)

Have a beautiful day!


Cute ol' owls - DIY nail stickers

I put on an owl farm... Just made a set of 11 pink owlies to a plastic sheet with my nail art pens Enamel Art 1000. Cuter ones this time :) Used green, pink and white, yellow for the beak and then black to dot the eyes. I should make the beak out of a piece of paper or something, because clearly "dot and drag" is not working LOL

The method of making "nail stickers" was developed by 3TanjaJ3 . Here's her tutorial if you've yet to see it:

These owlies were for my girls but I tested one for my thumb too. No daylight shots this time - this owl is seemingly more relaxed to pose than my previous thumb owl . The green base is Erie by Wild and Crazy.

Hope you're having a fun weekend!


Depression awareness

I was aware of the breast cancer awareness month but I learned about depression awareness month through blogosphere here. Scrangie made a fantastic post about the topic and got many of us grab the green polish. Here my favorite "Erie" by Wild and Crazy.

I don't intend to go all gloomy here but I know my share of dark days. We all share the same sun but the darkness is differend for everyone...

The quote on the pic above is from "The Race" by Dice of Fate (<- MySpace). "There's a race inside my heart, between my feelings light and dark"...

This is a song that always makes me feel warmer inside. "A Brand New Day" by a talented Swede, sweet Lisa Miskovsky:

With this song I want to wish you a lovely weekend.
Thank you for visiting my blog. You are precious.

Featured artist 9

Friday's featured artist time!

I've yet to feature the creator of my favorite fruit nails design - MustHaveMakeup . Her designs are vivid and yet very wearable.

Here are the yummy Lime nails:

Here's another one of her tutorials with great design and surprising color combo:

Check her channel out for more looks and maybe drop a few lines for her. I'm being really selfish here 'cos I miss her great tutorials and maybe she'd be inspired to do more of them... :)

Next week will be the last "featured artist" post for a while. I think I've featured pretty much all my greatest (YT) inspirations for now. Feels like home having them filed here in my blog LOL


Hot pink manicure

My sister came for visit and I got to do her nails. For my shock and thrill she wanted it bright! Last spring when I did her nails she was like "ok, you can do some designs on them... but don't use that or that or that or that.." and finally there were no other colors left than black and white. They came out real nice back then, white french and half moon on black base, like in this olavaolaspacca72's tutorial. I don't have pics of it, sorry, it was way before I started this blog.

This time I got to use hot pink by Wild and Crazy called Summer Neon. The silver glitter is the same as always, Brush-on Nail art Paint by Kiss.

Little flowers are from M16 butterfly design - rehearsing with Konad with little steps at a time... I dotted them with Super Dooper Blue by Wild and Crazy, 'cos she wanted blue for her ringfinger.

But wait, I did make a full Konad image too for the thumb. The silver I used was the Special Nail Polish from Konad's Princess Collection. The base is neon pink, pictures taken outdoors, and still the image doesn't pop out. So I'm clearly not satisfied with this polish. Compared to the bits I made with Kiss, the Special polish looks like white streaks.

Overall look was really feminine and she was beautiful as always. Thanks to my lovely sister for being there for me - in all the meanings of the words :)

Now it's time to do my own nails. See you soon!


More Halloween for nails

I got to practise the precision again with the tiniest nails... I bought this sunny color by Nivea Beaute called Yellow Sparkle and wanted to test how it applies (verdict: very sheer, quite watery, definitely needs proper layering). I'm lucky to have eager guinea pig for these nail related things right at home - the deal was I'd also make a design over it. Halloween related of course.

Here's where I got my initial inspiration, tutorial by SickestNails:

I didn't use acrylic paints but nail art pens by Enamel Art 1000. I like the spookiness pearly white brings with it. For the cape some blue "reflections" over black would've added a nice touch and feeling of dimension. Maybe next time, after all this was my very first skeleton... The nail being so tiny I had to work with a needle - hence the fierce look on Jack's face. I tried to use rhinestones as eyes but they were all too big to fit the small design LOL

My "model" wanted some decos over other nails too, so she grabbed some space themed stickers she had and finished the look. Couldn't have made better choices myself! /click to view larger

Thanks for stopping by!

LaurEss minerals having a sale!

I just noticed that LaurEss is having discounted prices through this week. No need for codes, the prices are already marked down 35% off in all the products!

I use their mineral base alternating with Lumiere's mineral base and I adore their eye pigments - conveniently named "eye lights" instead of "eye shadows". I spilled my beloved sample of my favorite from gem light-collection and nearly burst into tears... I think I'll order a regular sized now from this sale. I wear eye makeup very lightly and quite seldom, but this one I used to carry around in my pouch everywhere. This color is safe enough to use even with little make up as adding light to the look, it's really complementing. Here's beautiful, reflecting charisma, described as creamy apricot:

If I remember correctly, I received the sample originally as a free gift when I ordered the base colors. That's one more beautiful thing with mineral make up companies: they seem to know their products and shades in and out. For certain skin tones certain complementary colors. For bronzers, blushes and eye colors - best suggestions have come from the owners and packers, and really not from my original shopping list. Though they've shaped my current shopping lists quite a lot and I'm very happy with that :)


Whole Halloween look

Here's my whole set of nails for the contest entry I made for Sasse (click the picture to view larger). Cropped to fly freely in the space... And here below the reason I opted for cropping:

Poor choice of setting indeed LOL Well it's orange, right? A bit like pumpkin, no?
No way to even paint the background black because of the texture...

But the sun was great. The only rays of sunshine we had those days. Here's the owl, like stars dripping down his peak from reflections. Guess it's due to owls really beeing night animals... Allergic to sunshine?

It's my second take in drawing owls to the nails. I know it would be wiser to practise on fake nails instead of first layering 3 coats of polish and then try to make it right so you don't have to start the thing again from the base... But what an excitment, what an adventure every time ;)

You want to see the first owl I ever painted (from last month)? It's really creepy... Like a little bird with just huuuuge eyes. And Teletubby-things over his head. And I'm still crappy with the branches. I will get better I promise. I'll keep on painting owls as I find them really beautiful creatures. Next time I'll make some cute and cuddly owls :)


Soft pink and silver for the weekend

After neutral brown I took a soft shift back to pink. I'm not really holding O.P.I. there, it's a franken I made of their Bubble Bath. I layered it on the brown so only one coat was enough to get the base done. No top coat on any of these pics.

For the design I wanted silver. This was my first time using the silver nail art pen from Nail Star and the brush was quite clumsy to use. The brushes on these pens vary very much. I'm trying to use up my liquid eyeliner so I could take a brush from that. I think it would be perfect for nail art.


1st photo outdoors in daylight

2nd photo indoors with a flash

I couldn't make the design as detailed as I would've wanted. But I'll definitely try it again later. I actually wanted to make barbed wire but the strokes were too thick.

The silver color itself was great. I painted my whole ringfinger with that silver too, 1 coat. I also painted my thumb with it and added Konad Princess glitter top coat over it - and it looks as best silver polish I've had! One clear coat before the glitter would be in order next time to ease the streaks but seen live it's pretty. I still haven't learnt the trick of photographing glitter but I'm working on it...

Have a nice weekend !

Sporty, soon

My last month's plan was to keep moving myself. I was on the right track for most of the month but for the last week of the September I cought a nasty cold - that meant no walks, no runs and no gymnastics of any kind. Lazing on a couch and watching movies was the main activity for me and my significant other. And instead of a healthy diet, take-away food, pizza and chips were overconsumed here... So over all, no real improvement there, and the journey continues. I lend a few exercise books again from the library to get back on motion.

I'm shy on putting my pics on display but this was too cute to hold in a drawer. My daughter drew it. I wonder why my hands are the tiniest feature on the pic and no nails to be seen... Maybe I'm waving them right in front so the polish would dry faster and short arms are just an illusion LOL

One of the reasons I put up this blog was to keep track on how I'm doing healthwise. And of course share my love for nail designs. I took measurements of my waist in the beginning of September and at the end of this month I wish to have lost some inches. I have so many perfectly good pairs of trousers on my closet that just don't fit anymore. They did before the summer though... I'm not much of a shopper when it comes to buying new trousers or jeans. Usually I end up buying only tops and skirts and they aren't enough for the Finnish winter.

Now that my nose has stopped running I can start running a bit again :)


Featured artist 8 - and contest info

Happy Friday everyone! I've enjoyed seeing turquoise nails lately and was thrilled to find BeenaBop's fun Converse design:

So BeenaBop is in this week's spotlight. She often uses bold colors on her nail designs, as in this neon paisley look . She has also some funky eye makeup tutorials you can check from her channel. She uses affordable cosmetics and makes it easy for everyone to join in to try their skills with no special tools.

In her channel she states that she often uses a nail art brush from Kiss's Brush-on Nail art Paint bottle. I love that brush too! Kiss's silver glitter is one of my must-have polishes and actually my first nail art item. I was stunned to find out how little these Kiss paints cost in the US compared to our prices... But with nail art polishes, a little goes a long way, so I don't mind if it costs more than most of my other polishes. It has helped me through some rough times with my nails too.

To the contest then! BeenaBop has announced a Halloween nail art contest. To participate, you can get 2 Migi Nail Art pens - for free! See her video for details:

To get to see the description and watch it in YouTube, click the YouTube logo on the down right corner of the vid.


Nude and revealing

Another nude day for work appropriate look. I am going to go for some decoration for the weekend though. For now the Caffe Latte by Maybelline Colorama will do, with 2 coats. I love the glossy finish on this. It does state "2in1 glossy finish and top coat" on the bottle for reason. I won't be needing a top coat until I make the designs later tonight or tomorrow.

This shade brings me back to dark times when I used to bite my nails. Then, early in the 90s, I saw a commercial, detergent related I recall, where the model wore very flesh toned polish on her very short nails. I thought it looked really good. Fortunately my mom had one polish like that on her stash so I started painting my nails with that color regularly.

Before I had finished up the bottle, my nails were pretty and long. I never went back to biting my nails again - but I didn't go back to nude shades either. It was all bright, baby! I mean, really striking... I loved dark red at the time, passionately. But my very favorite nail polish was neon green. I don't know which brand it was, something cheap, marketed straight to teenagers. I remember the polish peeling pretty bad - but that was a good thing. I didn't bite my nails, but as I was starting to lift my fingers to my lips I just peeled off the polish with my teeth! Luckily I got rid off that habit too.

As you can see, I cut down the length of my nails quite a lot. I took of the gel extension and hope the little one catches up the other nails soon. I'll dress them up with pink soon enough :)


Cat sat next to a bat

Getting tuned to Halloween - though we don't celebrate it here in Finland. On the region I live we accually unleash the evil spirits on Easter time, during Holy Saturday. The kids dress up as evil witches and go knocking on the doors to collect candy and easter eggs made of chocolate, with their pots and some with their brooms. In the evening they eat their candy watching bonfires which are set to symbolize getting rid of the evil spirits. The traditions vary across our land quite a lot - but that's how I did it as a kid, and our kids do in their turn too.

Maybe my grandkids on their time celebrate Halloween. Seems harder to cherish old traditions nowadays when media brings us new ones all the time. But I like Halloween! It's cool that kids can see all this creepy stuff and laugh it off, feel secure. What I hear, they can control their fears with adults and other kids and just have fun. And grown-ups can join the sillyness, am I right?

Oh yes, to the nails then. With this manicure I joined Sasse's Halloween Konad Kontest . Granted, it's not Konadicure, but the rules state that any form of nail art will do. A day left to enter, so there's still some time for everyone to join!

Here are just a cat and a bat, but I made the whole set of fingers and an OWL too. I love owls... I just drew them to the nail with a nail art pen (Enamel Art 1000) over a layered polish. But I'll leave the main pic to be presented later so there's some Halloween mystery hanging over it for a while :)

With a flash the depth of the base color would have been more intriguing as I layered some bright, flaming red and shimmering neon yellow. But I like the clarity of these outdoor pictures - when we still have the sun on the horizon...

I hope you are having a great week!


For Audrey, with flowers

Mint and chocolate... I certainly had a lot of time in my hands (and most of the time no polish) waiting for the famous Audrey. I thought of letting her shine with black tips, or maybe put some sparkle over it. Then I decided to give her flowers of the fall.

My right hand above ^. I like to paint with my non-dominant hand first and let it set the standard. Painting flowers is always a bit shaky... so I don't even try to make it too detailed. The minor flaws can only be detected with nose against the design - or with camera of course. As accessories the nails perform well.

For the ringfinger I wanted to make something differend. I was afraid that the brown base would be too dark but it actually looks really good. It warms up the overall look.

The products used ^: For Audrey by China Glaze, brown and pearly white Nail Star - nail art pens, a dotting tool and a toothpick.

The nail on my index finger is still stumpy compared to the others but she's holding up well. I've had to attach it 3 times now in the past weeks! The gel has done no harm to my growing nail - and it's been kind of a relief to see that every time the tip has fallen off. Only thing to complain with this gel system for me is that it takes longer for the polish to dry.

Have a great weekend!