Water marbling - Hello Kitty!

Ok, I went for it! Water marbling with white nail polish over the Barbie franken . I am very, very happy with how the patterns came up and the smooth shift of colors in this look. Overall it reminded me of Hello Kitty, so I drew in one for my ring finger. The upper pic is taken outdoors.

The next pic is indoors and the coralness of the polish is more visible here.

Little sis, when you come to town next time can I do some marbling on you? :)

The thumb too came out nicely. I first thought I didn't like it how the white dominates in the thumb...

but now I kind of like it how it balances out the look. After all it is the widest nail so it's only natural there's wider pattern on it too.

Few notes on water marbling, from a beginners point of view

  • Choose a polish you like. Trying to use up the uglier polishes in marbling doesn't work wonders. The simplest way to get to the groove is to use white over a painted nail.
  • Differend polishes act differently to the temperature of the water. This one, white by MissMe is the cheapest one there is and it dried quite fast in luke warm water. Good when using just one color but if I were to use more colors it would've dried before I got my nail in to it.
  • As a beginner choose a light shade. Much easier to clean off the skin.
  • Do have a good moisturizer at hand. Even when careful and using tapes around the finger there will be stains and you will need to use nail polish remover on your skin.

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  1. That's an adorable manicure. Love the Hello Kitty. Thanks for the pointers.

  2. Glad you took the plunge, it looks great!

  3. Thank you all, I appreciate your feedback :)


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