One stroke for Halloween! (tutorial)

This is the final Halloween nail art I'll make. Couldn't make full manicure as I'll have some business on the weekend and I don't want to scare anyone. After all we don't really celebrate Halloween here, instead we visit the passed relatives on the grave yard and burn candles on Saturday.

But I still wanted to use shades of orange before surrending to the winter manicures and more subtle looks again. And I've yet to take on a pumpkin :)

I used "one stroke method" with a fan brush and acrylic paints for this one. For the first time, I might add. Then lined the pumpkin and added some yellow in it to accentuate the shape a bit and glittered top coat.

"One stroke" means putting all the colors you use side by side on a piece of card board or something, and then dipping the brush simultaneously over all the colors you use. Then just paint on. If you make many strokes and move the brush a little after every stroke the shifting of the shades will be smooth.

With a steady hand you can have dimension to your design. This video was the first one I learned about one stroke method: One Stroke in Blau by Fashion4Nails .

On bigger surface, like decorating boxes or vases, you can make swirls with the brush to make very realistic looking flowers and leaves. As in this video by onestrokeitalia:

Treat yourself good this Halloween :)


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