Wet and Wild stuff

Yes, I finally got it! It actually took only 4 days for my Audrey to came to me from the moment I got the shipping notice. Before I got it I consoled myself gathering other stuff... Here they are from left to right: Kaleidoscope, Lime Time and Orange Fizz by Wet'n'Wild, Entchantress Emma by H&M and For Audrey by China Glaze. Can't wait to try them on! The Wet'n'Wilds were "buy 2 get 1" so I finally gave in. I'd been eyeing the lime for quite some time... and orange was just perfect for Halloween.

The stuff on the next pic are from Finnish company Pieni Tuoksukauppa which sells raw material for making cosmetics. The service is always fast - even though I selected the slowest shipping method (cheaper alternative) they arrived in a bit over a week.

On the pic there is homemade sweet almond soap made by the seller Saara, shea oil, polysorbate-20, vitamin-e oil, Epsom salt, tea tree oil and some perfume oils. The big "rock" upfront is Himalayan salt. I have no idea on what I'm gonna use it for, it just sounded so cool I want to try it LOL

I wish I had a bath tub so I could make all these wonderful scented bath salts and bath oils but I'm sure I'll think of something - for feet if nothing else. I planned on using the perfume oils on making candles for X-mas. Chocolate truffle and Cherry meringue should smell sweet enough for the season :)

I love using natural soap for washing hands. It feels so much better than liquid soap and smells more pleasant too. I've never made soap myself but I'm glad there are skilled crafters for that too. For skin care I use oils. This time I ordered sesame oil. I've used shea butter, avocado oil and sweet almond oil for a long time now and I don't use any other moisturizers for my hands and nails than pure oils. Nothing better for my nails and cuticles than rubbing a few drops of oil on them before going to sleep. It seems that avocado oil is in all the most hyped hand and nail moisturizers and it works well itself too - using plain oil just requires a bit rubbing in but that also promotes nail growth by increasing circulation. I'm all for more natural solutions and in many cases the most simple solutions/products prove to be the best.

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