Pink rainbow nails

Shimmery french as a base I felt pink again... So I made this sort of a rainbow with 2 pinks (Wild & Crazy: Sylva, Missme: shimmery, more bluish pink with no name) and glitter (Wet n Wild: Pink pussy cat) and outlined it with white nail art pen. Poshe as a top coat.

The glitter brings sparkling green and blue and it really pops out with shimmery white base. Sadly these pictures blur the shimmer and only accentuate the lines. The glitter is the same as in my Ice cream design and shows best in moving shots.

For ringfinger I made a design from leopard nails - except for the leopard spots of course. Glitter on the very tip of the nail. I felt like adding silver lining along the white lines but it would've been a bit too much glitz and glam.

Something's wrong with the camera and the pics came out all fuzzy, sorry about that. The glitter really is there :D

This design makes my nails look a lot shorter, kind of nice for a change :)


  1. Beautiful manicure. I don't think your nails look shorter. I love the design you made. Very pretty.

  2. these are so pretty, so glad I found your blog

  3. Thank you! I'm glad you stopped by :)


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