I really use my ABCs

Do you have this happen? (Click to view larger) Is it possible to keep the keys looking like new? This is my old keyboard. Old, as in a bit over a year old... I can't use a laptop, I'm afraid I'd kill it instantly LOL

I've been asked how can I type with long nails, don't they break, do I use one finger or type with a pen or something. As you can see, I type in all 10 tips. Claws carving, tips tapping, cruel to the poor keys!

I decided to find out what's my WPM (words typed per minute) for the fun of it. I took a test at: http://typera.tk/ . According to that I type about 50 words per minute in English and a bit over 70 words per minute in Finnish. I'm a lot slower with numbers 'cos I have to glance at those keys to really type them correctly. Fun test anyhow!

I believe that typing is one key element (so to speak LOL) in why my nails grow so fast. I type every day and apparently it's great exercise for fingertips. I do use my nails to hit the buttons, as can be seen from the deep cuts in N and E, but the nails stay strong. The only tears I usually get are to the outer corners of the thumbs for eagerly hitting that space!

The polishes seem to take the typing well as well. I only paint my nails once a week, but usually in two-three steps. First take the polish off for the night, then the next day paint the base and maybe wear the plain color for a day and then do some nail art over it. Now I've been wearing white base for two days and tonight is the night to make some decorations :)

So see you soon with my NOTW and thanks for stopping by!


  1. I've never seen a keyboard like this! I wonder does anyone else have the same damage to their's? That's really funny. I believe typing does help your nails. I know they grown longer because of the exercise.

  2. Wow your keyboard! Never seen so many damage on a keyboard before!

  3. Wow! That's impressive! I just end up rubbing the printed numbers and letter off my keyboard... but I've also had that keyboard for almost six years and I use it 8 hours a day at work. lol


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