Featured artist / Guru-esittely pt 6

This week I'm making an exception and I'll bring you an artist from Cool Nails Art . The girl is a real pro called Heather Yacenda . She has her designs on nail wheels in her photo album.

For me her designs are a great inspiration. She uses lots of lines and dots - abstract designs with great bright colors. Looking at them makes me want to go through my brightest colors and try wildest patterns. As fun as it is to paint flowers, snowflakes or leopard spots, the lines can tell a story too - and the mood is reflected through the color choices you make.

Now I'm really careful about loading pics from the net for the copyright reasons but when you click the links you'll see this post much more colorful LOL

I'm a member of Cool Nails Art too as I followed a friend of mine. I know I'm no artist and no pro and I don't even aspire to be a nail tech - but for me the variety of designs is a great deal. And I love the fact that there are also girls who paint natural nails and do it freehand. I've made some good friends there even though I've never been officially or un-officially welcomed by the founder of the site...

In a few hours I'll upload my weekend manicure. I'm just waiting for the sun to climb up higher so I'll get some nice shots under natural light :)

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