Some nail looks / ruutuja kynsiin

I have some looks from the summer I want to share with you.

This first look was done the time I had only one nail art polish - the silver glitter by Kiss. This is how I did it:

1. Base coat
2. Painted the nails pink
3. With sheer pearly white made a french tip
- so it looks like it's a tad lighter and reflects light nicely
4. Took an eye make up brush and shamelessly dipped it into the pearly white polish. With light strokes made stripes go up-right, then up-left.
5. Lastly made a stoke with silver glitter to define the tip

Here is the look I'm wearing on the current banner. Easy to accomplish with white base, blue dots made with a dotting tool or even a ballpoint pen, then striped with pink.

The secret to the white base is thick, opaque, plain white for 1 coat, then follow with 1 coat of shimmery white. The white looks amazing in the natural light, like real snow.

Here is one super-closeup (click larger) and the source of inspiration:

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