Simple dots again

When I don't know what to paint I most often opt for some kind of funky french or like this time for dots.

I planned on planting more rows on each nail but 3 rows looked so good I didn't want to cover the whole nail. I had other blues and greens waiting to be painted on the nails also but well, maybe next time... While browsing through the colors I put all the dried-up paints to the thrash. The final dotticure has neon green, metallic blue and a lighter green made with dotting tools of differend sizes. The base is Smoky Brown by ELF. No top coat.

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Drops of grey

Just a quick play with dotting tools and various tones of grey. I'm still not sure which one of the greys is my favorite.

Been so long since I did this I'm not even sure which colors I used. Mostly from Fortress collection by Nubar. The base is Nero by GOSH.

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Lady Blue by Kicks and other treats

This beauty has been waiting for its turn for half a year. It´s called Lady Blue by Kicks and I got it from my sister for Christmas (see what else I got here). This is a very classic blue, opaque in three coats. It looks gloomy on the bottle but blooms on the nails!

No one else spoils me with cosmetics like my sister. For my birthday she got me a Nail Art sourcebook along with my favorite mascara (duo), a nail enamel by Kone Helsinki and a facial soap by Korres. Being the big sister I used to be the one to give her advice on cosmetics but the tables have turned - now I listen to her tips!

To see her beautiful and informative cosmetics blog visit: Don't Touch My Tiara :)

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Devil Woman with Stripes

Having had a bit of a blog break there before I was shy to come back to bold decorations... But Devil Woman-mani (here) seemed to scream for some more definition. I didn't want to add a glitter line and then remembered I had beautiful striping tape untouched on my stash!

I'd never used striping tape before and thought it might be a hassle - but it was thin enough to bend on the nail very nicely. The endings were easy to clip off too. I think a side stripe like this might just be the ideal shape for the tape to attach to. Might have to try other ways later too though :)

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As close to Bad Romance I can get (Devil Woman)

Bad Romance (Deborah Lippman) or Facets of Fuchsia (Rimmel) has been on my wishlist since the first swatches I saw of them. I even got FoF on the shopping cart once on an e-tailer, but later got a refund for it was sold out. When my girls pointed me this glitter polish in the store I thought why not... The particles are not just purple but it mesmerized me. And it cost only 1 euro. This nail varnish is called Devil Woman and the brand is Mode4u.

No, you don't get the shade in the picture by just laying a coat or even five on your nail. But it worked well enough on layering. I did my share of trying on differend bases. It's very gooey so the base needed to have some action itself. On black creme it looked as cheap as it was and on purple base it left terrible strokes no matter how I tried to even it out with a top coat.

But then I found a winner combination. Here the base is Rich in Heart by Sinful Colors. Another sale find from some time ago (a year? two years?).

Devil Woman is very thick but on the bright side the glitter distributes well with the brush stroke. You don't need to pick the particles from the bottle to get them on the nail!

Here is two coats of RiH completely dry. Then one layer of clear top coat followed by a side swipe of Devil Woman while still being wet.

Indoors the base is almost black and it does lean more to purple than it shows here. On the pics the glitter looks more silver than in reality.

Cheap but still rich in heart?

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